Our seven-stage process begins with the identification of suitable sites for development, often with retail spaces and the potential to introduce residential or office use above, or of vacant or short-lease office buildings where change of use to residential is appropriate

Opportunity & Market Awareness

Our position in the market gives us a head start in predicting industry trends and realising the best deals. We consider a broad variety of schemes valued anywhere between £5m and £300m.


Site Identification & Feasibility

As soon as we identify a potential project, we work with our professional team to assess any factors that may affect the value of the scheme. This due diligence at the outset enables us to make quick decisions on viability and predict with confidence the best commercial returns for our investors.


Financing & Partners

We have substantial cash funds and facilities to exchange contracts quickly and efficiently. These, coupled with our excellent relationships with some of the UK’s most established property companies, pensions funds and high-net-worth individuals have given us an enviable reputation for performance. Our strong association with HSBC, one of the biggest banks in the world, also enables us to deliver swiftly. We are always sensitive to different investor requirements and set out clearly all assumptions and forecasts from the start. 

Our partners include;

- British Airways Pension Trustees

- Investec

- Starwood Capital Partners

- British Land



Planning & Legals

The constraints of central London sites demand expert knowledge of the planning system. We have established good relationships with local planning authorities and work with local groups, undertaking a thorough process of consultation before proceeding. An understanding of legal issues such as title, party wall and rights of light is central to our work. Our experience in these fields means we disregard projects where change of use, demolition and construction will be unlikely. 


Design Management

As design professionals in our own right, we provide strong hands-on leadership so that our teams work together to focused objectives. These are influenced by what works for the market, through sensitivity to the history and architecture of the area, and through our evolving knowledge.


Construction & Procurement

Since construction management is one of our in-house skills, we are not strangers to any aspect of the construction process. We understand procurement methods, construction sequencing, practical duration and contract formulas. This comprehensive knowledge enables us to manage this phase of a project ourselves, applying our expertise to the procurement of materials and products, and to the effective management of contractors and sub-contractors.



Promotion & Sales

We occasionally sell schemes off-plan, providing highly detailed specifications and working closely with our agents. Our motivated sales teams are then in a position to agree the best approach to market, using their knowledge of the finished design and how it has been tailored to prospective buyers.