Dukelease Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan

March 2020

Summary of Business Continuity Plan

Dukelease is a small company of fewer than 15 people working from its base in Old Bond Street. The nature of Dukelease’s primary business is to provide Property Development Management services. Dukelease coordinates these services through a network of professional organisations.

Dukelease’s Business Continuity Plan is set out below together with actions the company is taking to ensure its suppliers operate and maintain their own continuity procedures.

In order to protect our workforce and ensure its continued productivity, the following measures have been put in place:

  • A strategy has been established to enable employees to continue to function without endangering them.
  • A plan has been put in place to isolate employees away from the office should the threat of possible infection arise.
  • We will ensure that all employees can effectively work from home. We have a comprehensive network of independently supported IT infrastructure.
  • We have verified that we have all the tools, technology, capacity and security measures to support a remote workforce, should the need arise.
  • We will continue to review our policies in order to ensure employees will not be personally impacted should they need to be quarantined for an extended period and modify any policies as appropriate to give greater flexibility to normal working arrangements.
  • We have ensured that staff members have received appropriate training so as to ensure that they are able to comprehensively cover for members of the team who are absent.
  • We have created a communications plan that includes providing employees and other stakeholders with regular situation updates as well as actions taken.
  • We have instructed our external Project Managers to coordinate and monitor the Business Continuity Plans of all our service providers and contractors.

March 2020